the sage continues..

... at cellar46 on mercer island.

current show [may15-july15]:

paintings inspired by the tuscan daydreams and landscapes -real or imagined


fund raiser [june 6, 2010 5 -7pm]:
for cancer awareness at cellar46


You might notice a “for lease” sign in the window…

Yes. It is true. White Sage Studio is moving to smaller digs and pop up installations.

While it is the right concept and the right location, evidently it isn’t the right time - at least that is what Erin's Vedic Astrologer said.

Erin will be spending more time with family and curating art for fundraisers and corporate installations. While, Amber will continue designing for ARM ARCH Inc and  Free Time Industries.

Thanks for the great response to our ideas and installation. We will continue our blog and website to continue showcasing local artists and designers.

As it hits the road - you never know where you might find it!


new images from primitive hut

display window featuring s/s2010 laser nature [prices range from $30-$300], 32" hand-male Polish Makora glass vessels [$1,200 each], archival platinum print by jeffery babbidge [$300], {far4} porcelain baby squash [$30], and shell chandelier by m. culbert [$400].
come in to see more!

come swing with me!

salvaged wood and rope swing 4'1" wide - collaboration between evs boats and arm arch inc $300
photo by aaron piazza



 free time industries - photo by kyle johnson

Primitive Hut explores how humans interact with, and interpret nature in fundamental and sometimes "primitive" ways – guided by desires for comfort and pleasure, and/or striving for an understanding of the natural world. 

Contributing artists and designers include Adele Sypesteyn, Jennifer Carlisle, Free Time Industries, M. Culbert, firesteel, IMPERFECTIONS [and DIVINE IMPERFECTIONS], and MeyerWells.

Primitive Hut will officially open on Friday April 9, 6-9 pm, with a party for contributing artists and friends, featuring music by SPORTS, the band. White Sage will also be participating in the Ballard Art Walk the following evening, also 6-9 pm.


new victorian

march 12 - april 7 white sage is currently exhibiting art and design centered around the theme "new victorian". the victorian era was hyper-charged when it came to showcasing  objects and art of note - multidimensional aspects of an individual were often showcased through the display of  specially selected possessions. therefore, interior design was lead by themes and objects which had cultural, scientific, and/or technical significance.

you can read more about the era in my previous history lesson.

many thanks to our friends and supporters throughout seattle, ballard, and the pacific northwest, the generous beauty by the contributors of the show,  and the [ever so talented] mr. kyle johnson for taking these these striking photographs of white sage.

for specific pricing or press inquiries, please contact me directly: amber r murray 206.834.5969 armarchinc@gmail.com

contributing artists and designers:
"wallflower" by jordan landin - wallpaper for hermitage
porcelain by {far4}
birds by cody blomberg
troll club! by shellly watson
furniture by meyer wells
drawings by frank correa
platinum prints by jeffery babbidge
laser nature and cocoa beach party by free time industries
pedestals and frame lights by iocoli & mcallister

designer bio: troll club! by shelly watson

photos by kyle johnson

shelly is from montana - from the woods basically. growing up, her mom wove baskets; dying her own reed and incorporating things like moss, willows, and antlers. a lot of the colors and patterns shelly uses are inspired by her reed craft [which are dyed with kool-aid]. shelly's grandpa made metal sculptures, and grandmother makes pottery. shelly has been surrounded by craft and creativity her entire life, and nurtured throughout her creative journey.

shellys now i lives in olympia. when she is not making jewelry for white sage, she plays in a keyboard pop band called razzm'tazz, sings karaoke on tuesdays and thursdays, and recently went to penland school of crafts where she took a jewelry course taught by arthur hash [it is in that class learned a lot about soldering and working with materials people usually don't make jewelry with, hence the plastic melty beads]. 

she and her sister went to a one room school house for grade school and started a "troll club". they would meet every thursday. shelly was the secretary - she kept a file on each troll which housed only their lengthy criminal records. it was a really fun period in her life, and that's why she decided to call her jewelry line line troll club!